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Nail the New Financial Year

Hey Business Owner


Here in Australia, July marks the beginning of a new financial year!

But no matter where you are in the world, with 6 months of the year gone by, now is a great time to revisit your goals, your financial targets and to create a plan to achieve your big dreams for 2021.


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In this 2 hour live workshop, we will:


  1. Get clear about your goals for the next 12 months, working out what is most important to you! We'll get big and sexy, but also specific about what you truly desire

  2. We'll create your financial plan for the next 12 months. Month by month, we'll set sales targets, and map out your investments so you know what you are spending and when

  3. We'll develop your plan for HOW you can achieve those goals, by working on your limiting beliefs, your money mindset and do some work reprogramming your mind for success!


You will receive:


✔ A workbook for planning out your goals

✔ A template for creating your month-by-month financial plan

✔ Some journaling prompts for working on your money mindset

✔ A recording of the session.


Yes, book me in!


“I’m no longer fumbling around in the dark with my finances!

Clare, thank you for switching on the light in my business!"


This workshop is for you if:

➡ You don't love numbers or feel a little overwhelmed with financials (I'll break it down and make it crystal clear!)

➡ You have an up and running service-based business owners and are ready to grow

➡  You haven't set your goals and targets for the year or want some help refining them

➡ You feel stuck where you are and don't know how to create significant growth in your business

➡ You would love to learn more about money mindset and how you can step into a positive and overflowing relationship with money.




Money is easy-breezy once you know how to work with it.

Let me show you how!



Includes GST for Australian Clients* 

Join the Workshop

"Focusing on the financial side of business has been a huge revelation. I now have a much clearer picture of how my business is doing financially and where I need to be focusing to make my business profitable."

The profit whizz behind it.

Clare Wood

Hey there! I’m your badass profit coach, with the quals and results to prove it.

I’m a numbers geek (qualified CPA), mum of 2 young boys, gym junkie, wine drinker, wanderluster, encourager - andddd closet reality TV addict.

I’m encouraging and caring, but I’ll also hit you with some tough love and direct feedback to keep you focused on where you are heading (rather than staying where you are stuck).

I like to see the impossible become the possible. And I want this for you.

Inside this workshop I'll also be sharing how I can support you over a longer period of time to stay on track to your big business goals!


Nail the New Financial Year Workshop

USD $97

Includes GST for Australian Clients

  • 2 hour live workshop
  • A workbook for planning out your goals

  • A template for creating your month-by-month financial plan

  • Some journaling prompts for working on your money mindset

  • A recording of the session